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Streamline client collaboration.

Scheduler automatically coordinates meetings with your clients and colleagues based on your (or your team's) real-time availability.

Lighting Speed

Real-Time Availability Suggestions

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Scheduling Add Event to Calendar

Automated Calendar Invites

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Manage meetings - with a message.

Scheduler AI interprets written commands and puts back-and-forth scheduling on autopilot. You have Scheduler propose 'a time,' 'a few times,' or even have it wait until your external partners suggest times.


Timezone Synce

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Automatic Reschedule

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Send AI-generated calendar links.

Give a command and sit back as Scheduler AI  generates AI scheduling links  customized to the amount of time you requested, the timeframe you specified, AND the group you cc'd!


AI Powered Scheduling Links

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Personalize your AI scheduling experience.

You can set unlimited scheduling preferences based on the words and phrases that you use to schedule!

Personal Scheduling Settings

Unlimited scheduling preferences.

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Automatically add videoconferencing.

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Schedule a Demo

Here's How It Works

Add Scheduler to a message.

add scheduler to a chat

Describe what you'd like to schedule.

rescheduling made easy

Scheduler proposes the best time for your internal team.

scheduler will propose the best time

External partners can respond with adjustments.

scheduling request

Scheduler will adjust to the best time.

scheduling with AI

And Scheduler will send invites and add video conferencing.

invite with video conferencing

Frequently Asked Questions:

We know you probably have lots of questions. Check out a few of the top ones below or email us at hello@scheduler.ai

Does everyone else need to sign up for Scheduler AI for it to work?

No. Everyone does not need to sign up. Think of Scheduler AI as you would a human assistant.  As long as you sign in with your Microsoft or Google corporate account, Scheduler can coordinate free/busy availability with anyone inside your organization. When you ask Scheduler AI to coordinate  with people outside of your company, Scheduler will propose a time that works for your internal team, and your partner can respond back with  times that work for them.

What if calendars are crazy and no one is actually free?

Don't worry! Even if everyone's schedules are all over the place, Scheduler AI will still be able to help. Your AI assistant will work with you to come up with a few different options for the meeting time. You can pick the one that works best, and Scheduler AI will take care of sending out the final meeting time to everyone involved. So even if schedules are a bit hectic, Scheduler AI can help make sure your meeting gets scheduled.

How many calendars can I sync?

With Scheduler AI  you can sync unlimited calendars to ensure your AI assistant only proposes meetings times based on your 'true' availability. (No more double-booking or missing important events between work, home, and social life!)

What if I can't sync my work calendar?

We work with organizations large and small and understand the need to comply with enhanced security requirements. Send us a note at security@scheduler.ai with your IT lead on CC, and we can provide you with a live demo, a custom demo environment, or compliance documentation.

How is Scheduler AI different from other solutions?

Scheduler AI is a patented, award winning chat AI scheduling platform. You can use Scheduler AI directly in messaging apps like email, Slack, and text message to schedule your meetings. Scheduler AI does all the work for the entire group. Unlike scheduling links that place the burden on the 'receiver,' traditional calendar comparison that places the burden on the 'sender,' and group polls that spread the burden around - Scheduler AI handles the whole process for everyone. All you have to do is send a message!

How does Scheduler AI ensure data privacy and security?

We place the highest priority on safeguarding our users' data. We solely use basic profile information, preferences, and provided calendar information to find optimal group meeting times. We never download, store, share, or sell personal calendar details or data with third parties. We are working to obtain SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, or contact our security team at security@scheduler.ai.


Smart scheduling for busy people.


Try AI scheduling for free.

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Sync unlimited calendars.
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Set unlimited scheduling preferences.
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Use Scheduler AI as your personal scheduling assistant.

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Schedule unlimited meetings.
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Scheduler over email, text message, and Slack
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Sync unlimited calendars.
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Set unlimited scheduling preferences.
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Use Scheduler AI to maximize revenue and team productivity.

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Unlimited AI meeting scheduling for everyone in your organization.
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Scheduler over email, text message, and Slack
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Enhanced automation for outbound CRM workflows.
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Enterprise domain-wide delegations
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Enhanced scheduling customization for your entire organization.
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